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Twin towns
Wappen von ZalewoZalewo (Poland), since 2001

Since 2001 a partnership has existed between Saalfeld in Thuringia and the former Saalfeld (East Prussia) in Poland.

Zalewo is located in the beautiful region of Western Masuria on the northern banks of the Ewing Lake in North Poland.

In 1305 the settlement received the town charter under the name of Saalfeld in former East Prussia. The municipal corporation of Zalewo consists of an area of 254 square kilometres (62,765.94 acres) and 7,600 inhabitants. Almost 2,400 of them live in Zalewo.

A so-called friendship agreement formed the basis for cooperation. Numerous visits from different sectors, such as politics, economy, sport, culture, schools, tour groups, and countless private contacts eventually turned this agreement into a twin town partnership in 2001. The city of Zalewo is located in the western part of Wojewodschaft Olsztyn in the district of Ilawa.

The landscape park of the Ilawaska Lake District (uplands) offers favourable conditions for the city's economic and touristic development. Vast forests, lakes, and beautiful landscapes make up the charm of the region and entice tourists.